Are you our new Senior Structural Analyst?

Senior Structural Analyst in Maritime and Offshore Engineering

Are you ready to take your Structural Analyst career to new heights ? Join a dynamic team dedicated to shaping the future of structural engineering in maritime and offshore projects.

The Candidate we are looking for is a broadly skilled Professional Senior Structural Analyst in Maritime and Offshore Engineering.

Are you ready to take your Structural Analyst career to a next level? Determined to shape the future of building on water, near the global centers of maritime innovation, Rotterdam & Antwerp, this enthusiast team is looking for a creative and curious colleague!


  • Scope and Objectives: Structural analysis of pontoons, yachts, and offshore structures. All kinds of interesting projects, from the biggest most high-classed dutch superyachts to getting experimental with the next generations scale-ups in the offshore market.
  • Project Duration: Long-term contract, starting from January 1, 2024.
  • Certifications/Licenses: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Preferred Software/Tools: Ansys Workbench and/or Orcaflex
  • Team Collaboration: Work independently and collaboratively with a team, reporting to the team lead and engineering manager.

Location and Flexibility:

  • Offices based in near Rotterdam, NL and near Antwerpen, BE
  • Preferred location: Zwijndrecht with occasional travel to Belgium and one day working from home per week.
  • Start time flexibility: Between 7.00-9.00, 38-hour workweek.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary: 4000-6000 euro per month, depending on experience
  • Additional Benefits: Team days and other perks.
  • Contract Type: Long-term, with options between Belgium or Dutch contracts


  • Previous Experience: 3+ years in maritime and/or offshore FEM and steelwork.
  • Key Goals: Delivering reports, class inquiries, and robust products.

Company Culture:

  • Team Dynamics: Informal, family-oriented company with a focus on individual well-being.
  • Cultural Alignment: Adventurous, collaborative, and curious.
  • Selection Process: Initial conversation, followed by discussions with the engineering manager and a personality test.


  • Legal/Compliance: Standard requirements apply.
  • Handling Potential Problems: Open communication and a proactive approach.
  • Language Preference: Dutch-speaking preferred.

Soft Skills:

  • Technical Depth: Profound technical skills with the ability to engage in conversations and negotiations.

Housing and Relocation:

  • Assistance available for housing and relocation, if necessary

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